Hello everyone!  The picture to the left is the author of the web page.  If you want to e-mail me, click on the picture.  This page is a scrapbook of friends, family, and vacations.  Enjoy!

Koi Pu Beach, Kawaii
Kawaii's North Shore
Mom, Teddy & I at the Grand Canyon
Mom & Patty visiting the T-Rex at New York's Museum of Natrual History
Scott, Me & Mom at Shakespeare's house
A Panda Bear at the San Diego Zoo
The view from Hitler's Eagle's nest is amazing.
Daddy entering the Catacombs. It reads "Beware the Empire of death!" above the doorway
One of the many walls of bones inside of the catacombs.

In 1786 the french cemetery in Les Halles was a very large and dirty place.  The French needed a way to clean up the space.  They decided to move the bodies into an empty rock quarrie under Paris, this process took 15 months.  Just before the French revolution Charles the 10th had wild parties among the bones of the Catacombs.  In World War II the Catacombs were the headquarters of the French resistance.  Today it is just a kilometer long path full of bones used to attract the tourists. 

This is the north rose window at Notre-Dame Paris
Ryann, Bonnie, Me, Stefanie & Audrey at my 22nd surprise birthday party!
Eric, Stefanie, Ryann, Bonnie, Sarah, Audrey & Me at Disneyland in 2003
Splash Mountain
Audrey's 23rd Birthday